Personnel INS & Tracking System

K-INS calculates position of personnel in absence of GPS / GNSS (i.e. indoors, caves, under jamming, etc.) together with attitude and heading angles. It is not affected by magnetic field disturbances or any external conditions. It can either be a subsystem or a stand-alone system with mobile application.
Its advanced features are:
Personnel positioning without GPS / GNSS
Ability to work with GPS / GNSS
Can be used either wireless (BLE 5.0) or wired (USB Micro-B)
Not affected by magnetic interferences
Advanced motion analysis algorithms
Torso mounted, easy assembly
It has a mobile application for stand-alone use:
User Friendly Interface
Various settings and calibration
Options for data fusion with phone’s sensors (GNSS, Magnetometer, etc.)
Real-time visualization on map
Unlike foot-mounted systems, K-INS can be placed on body (torso, waist, etc.)
This greatly improves the safety, practicality and reliability of the system.
Field test results show a much better position and heading accuracy (< 1%).
All test are performed without any magnetometer or GPS correction (pure INS)
Orange Lines: Real Parkours, Blue Lines: K-INS data on the personnel, All units are in meters, Total distances are 223.2 m and 170.4 m respectively


GPS / GNSS Denied (jammed) Environments

Indoor Operations, Buildings or Narrow Streets

Cave and Tunnel Operations


Sports Caving



  • Technical Specifications

    Physical Properties of INS Hardware Weight: < 25 gr,

    Dimensions: 41.0 x 27.2 x 13.2 mm

    Electrical Properties of INS Hardware Battery (Li-Po) Life: 2 hours,

    Power Consumption: < 160 mW

    Measured & Transmitted Parameters Accelerations in 3 Axes,

    Location in 2 Axes,

    Angles in 3 Axes

    Accuracy and Deviation Characteristics < ±5% ( ±5 meters per 100 meters) position accuracy when calibrated


User Manual